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 Security System

As technology advances, the threats of illegal and unauthorized access to our computer system increases, 
requiring a comprehensive information security. In HRBM, we believe that maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of the information resources entrusted by clients are fundamental to the company’s reliability
especially in the nature of our business which requires us to keep the customer’s payroll and collect
customer’s personal information. Hence, we have taken the following security measures including the
Business Continuity Planning (BCP) system.

Acquisition of SRP II Certification System

HRBM is a certified office of the SRP II Certification by the Japan Federation of Labor and Security
Attorney’s association.

Acquisition of Privacy Mark

HRBM has acquired the privacy mark from the Japanese Industrial Standards Committee for
meeting the [JIS Q 15001 Requirements of Personal Information Protection Management System].
(For more information, please refer to the `Privacy Policy` page.)

Acquisition of ISMS Certification (ISO/IEC27001:2013)

HRBM has acquired the international certification of [ISO27001] of Information Security
Management System (ISMS).
(Please refer to the acquisition details for more information.)

Entrance and Exit Management System

A numeric keypad lock is installed at the entrance of the office, allowing only the employees and
authorized visitors with the accompany of our staff to enter.

In addition, a 24-hour security system is installed in the tenant building in order to prevent
unauthorized access to the building. 

Furthermore, a locker room is provided to our employees in order to limit the number of personal
items bring into the workplace.

 Server room

In order to protect the confidential personal data, only authorized personnel is allowed to enter the  server room, protecting from physical contact, and to maintain the protection of personal
information. Each server is also equipped with UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) in preparation
for emergencies such as power outage.

Data Backup System

In order to protect the confidentiality of data, HRBM uses a double backup system; in house server
backup and external data center backup.

 The backup system status check is run regularly for restoration practice in order to maintain
areliable backup data system based on the BCP (Business Continuity Planning).

Reinforcement of PC security

A login ID and password has been set up for each individual PC, authorizing only the access of
the  PC user. HRBM also restricts and manages the access of customer information and programs
for each login ID.

 Furthermore, each PC is automatically locked when the user is away from desk, preventing the
disclosure of the information other than the user.

 In addition, antivirus software and firewall protection are installed and equipped in all PC to protect against external threats.

SKYSEA Client View

IT assets are centrally managed and information security measures are implemented via SKYSEA
Client View.

①  Asset management
Each IT asset such as server, PC, removable media are registered and managed.

②  Log monitoring
Besides server access logs, operation logs on individual PC and the usage of devices are being

③  Usage restrictions on USB devices/removable devices

The importing of information into devices such as removable disc etc. are strictly regulated in order
to prevent the leakage of confidential information.

Remote Access management of internal network

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is used for remote access to the company’s network. Only authorized personnel will have access to the network and data will be encrypted to ensure a secure network.

Moreover, access log will be analyzed monthly to monitor if there is any unauthorized access. Penetration tests is performed once a year to identify known vulnerabilities and measure will be taken to mitigate and remediate such vulnerabilities.

Reducing Print Medium

HRBM encourages the use of electronic document storage system. Not only does electronic
application helps to engage actively in document application, it also reduces the risk of losing
paper documents.

 MyNumber Exclusive System

HRBM has a dedicated system for MyNumber which is separated from the payroll system. This
allows the system to be managed strictly.

Internal audit

As part of the PMS and ISMS operation, an internal audit and staff education are conducted on a
regular basis. Besides that, training on security and personal information protection are conducted
for new employees to ensure compliance with rules.

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