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Set up of Organization in Japan

Necessary Steps to Start Up Your Organization in Japan

(1) Consider the type of organization to set up

There are 3 types of organization to do business in Japan;

1) Representative office

2) The Japanese branch of a foreign corporation

3) A Japanese corporation

Establishing a representative office is the easiest way in terms of cost and procedures. 
Once you decide where to set up the office, the registration of the incorporation is not
required. However, you can't sell merchandise nor provide services as a business.
Therefore, its function will be limited to correspondences to the Head Office or main
overseas office on the result of market research and the like.

On the other hand, a Japanese branch of a foreign corporation or a Japanese corporation
are able to have commercial transactions after registering at Legal Affairs Bureau.
Furthermore, Japan's social insurance system will be applied so that it will be beneficial
for both the employee and employees.  However, the declaration of corporate tax and
consumption tax are obligatory, and therefore, accounting records must be prepared in
compliance with the Japanese accounting and tax system.

(2) Selection of a representative in Japan, and finding an office space

In order to register the organization as a Japanese branch, the representative must be 
a resident in Japan. If you don't have any candidate at the time of corporation register,
HRBM is able to make an appropriate referral. 

Also, foreign companies' offices are concentrated in Minato district, where most of the
government ministries are located. Feel free to contact us for a referral to English speaking
real-estate agents.

(3) Visa Application

There are 27 types of residential status in Japan. Documentation necessary and residency
period are set for each.

(4) Tax and Social Insurance Premium Declarations, and Application for Subsidies

Immediately after the Japanese branch or corporation is registered, you must submit tax
related notifications to the tax office.  Furthermore, if you hire an employee, the submission
of social insurance notification forms to the relevant authorities.

(5) Monthly Accounting, Fund management, Payroll

Upon the organization is set up, monthly back-office tasks such as accounting,
fund management, salary calculation…etc., will immediately start.

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