HR Business Management SR Corporation (HRBM) is an expert on payroll calculations and HR management consulting for foreign companies doing business in Japan.


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Our Service (Cash Management)

Brief Description

We execute not only the payment procedures on your behalf not only of salaries and
expenses, but also of taxes and social insurance in Japan.

Benefis of Our Services

(1) Elimination of the risk of misconduct within the company!

It is general that the corporate headquarters abroad concern if their organization in Japan
is appropriately managing cash. By outsourcing payment operations and cash management,
you can eliminate the risk of misconduct.

(2) We will execute the payment of taxes on your behalf, too!

From abroad, you can't pay Japanese income tax and social insurance. You will be able to
utilize the Japanese bank accounts which HRBM will open on your behalf to make various
taxes and social insurance.

(3) We will create cash reports for you!

We will create monthly cash reports and funding requests necessary for the next month
in English.

Steps to Introduce Our Services

Please start by inquiring by phone or e-mail for a free explanation of the service details
and quotations.

Our Fees
  • 5% will be added to the above as the fees on postage, transportation,
    printing papers...etc.
  • The Japanese consumption tax  will be added separately.

Applications and Inquiries

Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email! We'll be happy to answer your every question!

Feel free to contact us!

  • How much is the service fee?
  • Can you provide the services for only setting up the social security scheme? 
  • We want to dismiss a certain employee, but...
  • We want to have the rules of employment
    written in English..., etc.

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Feel free to contact us!


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Payroll / HR Services in Japan
HR Business Management SR

ST Bldg. 3F., 4F 1-2-4 Shiba-Koen,
Minato-ku Tokyo, Japan 105-0011


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