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Our Service (Working Visa Application)

Brief Description

We will assist you to obtain appropriate working visas which correspond to various cases of
hiring non-Japanese employees.

Benefis of Our Services

(1)   Speedy working visa application!

You can apply for a working visa by yourself if you meet the requirements complying with the laws and regulations, procure all the documents necessary, and apply properly.
However, you can expect the process to be significantly less time-consuming by leaving it to
experts. Furthermore, we will take care of complex interaction with the Immigration Service.

(2)   Advice on labor-management!

In case of hiring a non-Japanese, obtaining a Japanese work permit is not the end of the
process. Then, writing an employment agreement and signing it, explaining the rules of
employment to the joiner, and the declaration of Employment Insurance will be necessary.
We will give advice on those as well, as needed.

(3)   Assistance on visa extension

In order for a non-Japanese to stay in Japan, in addition to obtaining an appropriate visa,
after the predetermined period, application for extension of the length of stay or the change
of visa status will be required. We have a system where you could consult regarding all
from the application for a visa according to the purpose of stay, extension, and the change
of status.

Steps to Introduce Our Services

Please start by inquiring by phone or e-mail for a free explanation of the service details
and quotations.

Our Fees

The fees are charged according to the range of service and the type of visa.
Please feel free to inquire us first.

Applications and Inquiries

Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email! We'll be happy to answer your every question!

Feel free to contact us!

  • How much is the service fee?
  • Can you provide the services for only setting up the social security scheme? 
  • We want to dismiss a certain employee, but...
  • We want to have the rules of employment
    written in English..., etc.

Feel free to contact us!


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